Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Backseat Wally?

Backseat Wally® requires no tools or parts for installation. Just extend the backseat center safety belt and strap it in as follows (instructions can be downloaded here):

1) Position Backseat Wally in the middle of the rear center seat. Extend the center safety belt to its full length. Grasp the upper portion of the belt and hold it tightly to keep it from recoiling. Note: Your seat belt configuration might vary from the diagram.

2) While holding the safety belt to prevent recoiling, slide the upper and lower parts of the belt into the corresponding slits in Backseat Wally.

3) Buckle the safety belt and then tighten it as much as possible, removing any slack. The rubberized fabric will grip the belt and the seat for a snug, secure fit.

Will Backseat Wally fit in my car?

Backseat Wally™ is designed to buckle snugly into the backseat of automobiles using the center lap and shoulder safety belt. If your car (sedan, wagon, minivan, SUV, or crossover) has a center lap and shoulder safety belt then Backseat Wally will fit securely in place.

1) Bucket seats in the backseat are independent seats, and thus, DO NOT have a center lap and shoulder safety belt.
2) Some ceiling-mounted safety belts provide a less snug fit due to the high angle at which the belts enter the upper slit of Backseat Wally.

Does Backseat Wally affect the driver’s view?

No. Backseat Wally™ sits well below the driver's sight line and will not obstruct the view out the rear window.

Can a child pass from one side of the vehicle to the other with Backseat Wally installed?

Yes. There is ample pass-through space for children because the base of Backseat Wally™ does not extend beyond the front edge of the seat. 

What are the dimensions of Backseat Wally?

Backseat Wally dimensions (approximate/inches): 
Height: 23.5"
Width: 6"
Length: 16.5"

How do I clean Backseat Wally?

We recommend surface cleaning Backseat Wally’s performance fabric with a mild soap solution and damp cloth. Backseat Wally’s performance fabric (stain, moisture and odor resistant) is American-made by Crypton Fabric. For extreme cases, the cover can be removed for cleaning, however properly placing the cover over the insert can prove challenging.

What is the company's warranty?

Our products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and intended use for a period of 90 days from the date of your purchase. If our product fails to meet our limited warranty during the warranty period, we will, at our option, replace the product free of charge, or provide you with a replacement of comparable value. Review our detailed warranty.

What is Backseat Wally's return process?

All product returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. To receive an RMA, contact us ( with an explanation of your request – after which product return instructions will be provided.

What is Backseat Wally's privacy policy?

We believe in privacy online and will not share your contact details with anyone, will only contact you using store information in reference to your order, and will only send general email notifications to those who subscribe to our announcement list.  Read our unabridged privacy policy.