Distracted Driving

Are Kids More Distracting Than Cell Phones?

Researchers say YES, as reported by ABC News:

Here is a sobering summary of findings based on recent research:

  • Children are 12 times more distracting to a driver than talking on a cell phone.1
  • During an average 16-minute car trip, drivers are distracted by their children for an average of 3 minutes and 22 seconds. In other words, because of their kids, parents are not paying attention to the road more than 20% of the time.1
  • Young moms are especially distracted. Coupled with the fatigue new mothers experience (sleeping an average of less than 5.5 hours per night), it’s not surprising that 10% of new moms have had an accident while driving with their baby. This is almost three times the normal accident rate.2
  • One in five parents say they have had or almost had a car accident due to their children’s unsettled behavior.3
  • 43% of parents admit to feeling anxious, irritable, or simply angry when traveling with their children.3
  • In one study, 76.4% of drivers turned around to look at their kids or viewed them in the rear-view mirror.3
  • 55% of parents admit to losing their temper with their kids on long car trips.3
  • More than 40% of parents said that being stuck in a car with their kids is more stressful than work.4


Distracted driving is serious business. To learn more about this dangerous and growing trend, follow these links:  


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