Announcement: We are presently redesigning our product. We anticipate availability in the first quarter of 2023. Thank you for your interest in BackseatWally.®

Stop backseat bickering before it starts ... Backseat Wally® is a secure padded barrier that provides physical and visual separation between young passengers during car rides. This patented, first-of-its-kind product offers a solution for the growing epidemic of distracted driving.

Buckle the kids into the car, pull out of your driveway, and it probably won’t be long before they start pestering each other. You've seen it all, and so have we. The poking, the teasing, the taunting, the bickering. While these behaviors are common and normal, the potential impact is quite serious. Not only are these situations stressful for everyone, they're also a significant source of driver distraction. When you take your eyes and mind off the road to deal with the kids, your chances of causing an accident increase dramatically. 

Introducing Backseat Wally®. An elegant solution to one of life's inelegant problems. With its universal, one-size-fits-all design, Backseat Wally creates just enough comfortable separation between your kids to reduce or even eliminate flareups and meltdowns. Proudly made in the USA using premium materials, Backseat Wally is available in six stylish colors to complement the interior of any family vehicle. Learn more.