30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be fully satisfied with every item you purchase from Wallyhoo. If you're not satisfied with the performance of this product, please contact Customer Service (customerservice@backseatwally.com) for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You may return the item within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping, handling, or other additional charges. The item must be returned in excellent condition, in original packaging, and with all paperwork, parts, and accessories to ensure full credit.

90-Day Limited Warranty

This product is warranted against physical defects in materials or workmanship as a result of normal and intended use for 90 days from the date of original purchase. The exclusive remedy for this warranty is that Wallyhoo will, upon return of the product to Wallyhoo and determination of any such defect, at its sole option, replace, repair, or provide replacement components for this product free of charge.

Limited Liability Statement

Backseat Wally cannot protect the user from all foreseeable or unforeseeable traffic accidents. By using this product the user accepts the risks involved with operating a motor vehicle, and understands that no device can guarantee that any injury will be prevented. Driving can be dangerous in the best of circumstances. Always drive with caution, obey all traffic signals and regulations, and make sure that all vehicle occupants are wearing safety restraints. Backseat Wally cannot prevent all driver distractions. Although Backseat Wally is designed to help reduce driver distraction, there is no guarantee that accidents will be prevented by the use of this or any other equipment. This product must be installed securely in the rear center seat of your vehicle according to the included instructions.

Wallyhoo, Inc., its subsidiaries, suppliers, employees, owners, officers, agents, or resellers shall not be held liable or responsible for injury, death or other damages (including loss of business, profits or punitive damages), to buyer/user and/or his/her heirs, or assigns, which may occur as a result of the use of Backseat Wally, the negligence of any party, whether passive or active, or of any alleged product defect of Backseat Wally. Seller shall have no liability whatsoever to buyer if the damage or injury claimed by buyer has been the result of misuse, alteration, accident or abnormal conditions of operation or handling, as determined solely by seller or its authorized sales outlet.