As parents of young children, we can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and relax a bit more when the kids fall asleep (at long last) during a road trip. Who doesn’t go a little crazy when your 4-year old recounts the entire cartoon TV episode he watched (with you) last week or when your toddler starts throwing Cheerios everywhere in the car? And, it gets even more tense for you, the driver, when the kids tease and poke, which is inevitably followed by hysterical accusations and tears. During those moments, being a parent driver seems to require special super-power skills. But, when the kids’ eyes close and silence ensues, you look happily over at your spouse and point to the back, smiling. You can have a quiet conversation, or at least just be able to think normally again and focus on the driving.

That’s why we at Wallyhoo were thrilled when Amanda of Farmington, NY told us about an unexpected benefit of Backseat Wally: “My kids fall asleep much faster now.” It makes sense, of course. Backseat Wally not only stops siblings from pestering each other; it also creates separate, cozy spaces where each child can feel safe and relaxed.

Amanda is just one of the moms who have tried Backseat Wally, and found it was a great solution for their families. If our scenario above sounds familiar, maybe Wally would also work for you!